Gorgeous and functional!


Carry your favorite essential oil or perfume with you all day long! Use the Included pipette to fill the vial. Simply unscrew the top, add the oil, and reattach the top. Necklace will not diffuse oils on its own. Use throughout the day to add oil/perfume to your skin or to your zengo jewelry.  (Essential oil/perfume not included.)


• all vials are on leather cord that adjusts from 22” to 42” in length

• vials vary from 1.5” to 2.5” in length

• shapes and colors will vary slightly, as these are natural stones and crystals.


Wear some happiness! It means so much more when you purchase handmade jewelry like these because you know you will be happy wearings such beautiful pieces, but you will make others happy, too! These necklaces are handmade by women cooperatives. Read more below.

Zengo Amethyst Purple Crystal Vial Necklace